3D Models

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3D render of a machete model

Machete from Machete Kills

Machete from Machete Kills by starforgecurios on Sketchfab ...
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Thumbnail image of a sword.

Hadhafang – Arwen’s Sword from Lord of the Rings

This is a custom made sword inspired by Hadhafang - a sword Arwen and Elrond wield in Lord of the ...
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Elizabeth’s Crossbow – Bioshock

Elizabeth's Crossbow from Bioshock ...
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A 3d render of Link's Hylian Shield

Link’s Hylian Shield

This is Link's Hylian Shield - created by us here at 3D Star Forge! ...
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Sylens’ Lance – Horizon Zero Dawn

This is a model of Sylens' Lance from Horizon Zero Dawn, one of our favorite games! If you'd like a ...
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Rey’s Blaster NN-14 – Star Wars

Rey's NN-14 Blaster, given to her by Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens ...
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Aloy’s Spear – Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy's Spear from Horizon Zero Dawn. This spear was modeled from scratch using references images we took from the game ...
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Link’s Master Sword Sheathe

A custom made sheathe designed to fit Link's Master Sword - in the style of Breath of the Wild ...
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Links Hylian Shield from Breathe of the Wild

Link’s Hylian Shield – Breath of the Wild

Link's Hylian Shield - this version is from Breathe of the Wild, as well as a few earlier games. Created ...
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